USB webcam support

We promised 2 new and free surprises to our great community.

The first one is that GHI has added USB webcam support. This will be available in coming SDK, possible next week.
The second surprise come very soon…can you guess what it is?

Here is a video as a proof :wink:

Impressive! :clap:

AWESOME ! Just what I wanted! :clap:

Nice :slight_smile: !
Will it be also available on the small devices Domino/Panda ?

Looking good! Say cheese 8)


I would ask the same question as well.

My guess for the second surprise would be “Video Decoder” or “video player”??

As of now, this only works on EMX (FEZ Cobra) and ChipworkX as it uses the bitmap class but this is a brand new feature so you never know what the future brings.

Well! to bad for me! :cry:
I just lost Cobra, Domino and USBizi board(obsolete!) on the same day last week.
Couldn’t load the firmware and PC did not recognized them (on both MFDeploy or TerraTerm).
Both did not worked anymore!

Now I only have Panda, Panda II and Mini left to work on! :frowning:

Just hoping that this feature would available for FEZ Panda II, that all!

Nice work guys! Can’t wait to play with this!

So Gus, the second “surprise”…I’m guessing that’s the WPF overhaul? Is that being released with the SDK? My development is shut-down right now with the touch controller issue I brought up in the ChipWorkX forum.

Awesome! How high res will it go? I have a 1080P webcam…


This is AWESOME!
This would be perfect for my robot! :dance:

Would it also be possible to transfer the image to a laptop?
Because that would be really awesome ;D

thats an awesome add. I have been hanging out for this since oh about day 1 of my Fez experience :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see it “graduate” to USBizi fezzes though :slight_smile: :wink:

Sorry to hear that Sam! What happened?

@ foekie, if it produces a Bitmap it should be very easy…

Any news about release of this?

Would like to know too.
My cobra is waiting for the new firmware :whistle:

So i found in a second try a webcam that put me picture on my display.
i used it on a cobra board and the video speed is not good. Is a 160 x 120 videostream to much for a cobra board ?

Second, first i try a creative labs webcam, also driverless and with the same specifications as the camera i use now(it’s a speedlink webcam). but the creative run never. the problem was the imageformat that have to be received from the camera. it was always ‘null’. maybe it is possible to set this from code to make more cameras functional ?


What do you mean by “not good”? We have tested it with 320x240 images and it worked great.