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USB PC Connection


Just a quick question, could I hook this board up to the Domino to use as a serial connection to my PC:

This is so I don’t have to mess with the existing USB for dev work. And fill this also allow me to power the board? (i.e when I’m not using the other line to do dev work)


I am not sure what you are asking.

The url you provided is to a login page. Nothing useful there.

The Domino is a powerful device, and you can do many things with it. I could try to guess what you are asking, but then I might confuse you.

Please take your time, and give me/us a little more detail.


Do you want to create a serial connection from Domino to your PC to transfer data? If so, yes you can use that board.

see this too (link removed)


@ OP yes It’s the most used USB/UART IC

There is a cheaper alternative, the Silicon Labs CP2102 witch has less features but should be enough to interface a FEZ with a PC. I ordered one off ebay for less than $6 shipped


Ref Mike: You have to login to see the component. Its a FTDI device RS232 to USB

Ref Loyd: Are you wanting to deploy the programs from Visual studio to the device, via the FTDI chip, to free up the mini USB? Cos I don’t think you can do that…


Yes you can use serial to deploy/debug then USB port will be free for you to use


Sorry gus I stand corrected…

I’m glad I know that now, it could be useful…

Cheers Ian

Ive just checked and I’m gobsmacked… Deployment via USB, Serial and TCP IP

Once again …Sorry Gus.


Do not worry about it, I am happy you are helping other anyway :wink:


Thanks for the info, yes I’m trying to avoid having to replace the existing USB for deployment though I might reconsider.

As for the link not working I don’t know why their site does that sometimes, and note when you post hardware that I’m in the UK and it can be a pain/expensive to spec this cheap kit :frowning:

The overall idea is to hook wifi/gps up to some software attached to a laptop via USB.

The original thought was to have all this self contained using an LCD, WiFly, GPS all connected to the Domino (somehow?) but I think it’ll be simpler if I just send this data constantly via serial when the device is connected to a computer and let it worry about everything else.