USB Necklace Hacks Your Computer

If you carry your mBuino on a keychain and getting some dirty looks.

This is why probably:

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It’s only useful if you find a logged on Computer, with a previous known OS and Setup.
This also means that you already have access to the building, which might offer other more easy ways to attack.
The firewire bypass login screen thingy was way more interesting, but nowadays also quite useless (no more firewire ???

Physical access trumps everything. If an attacker is sitting at your machine, they own it, or will fairly quickly, regardless of what OS is running.

A locked desktop and password might mitigate this specific attack, but if someone can plug something into your computer, it’s essentially game over already.

I used to work in a security field. Back when … never mind. Anyway, the guys who really worked on security always said that you can circumvent ANY security system for $50. The only trick was determining what to spend it on and who it spend it for. And that wasn’t very difficult to determine.

The vocabulary word for today is “hubris”. :naughty:


The question today is not if you can hack any given system: the answer is yes.
The question is: can you hack it before the data you will get is obsolete.

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