USB in client mode with TinyCLR OS V1.0 (G400)


I didn’t understand if it’s possible to drive the USB port in client mode with a G400 module running TinyCLR OS V1.0.

Neither on Nuget nor in the Libraries file (V1.0) I find no trace of the GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Devices.UsbClient.

I start with TinyCLR OS V1.0 sorry if my question may seem naive.

Thank you all in advance for your help.

It is not possible

Thank you Gus.

At least I’m not looking for nothing anymore. I just have to wait until the new SIT modules are commercially available. I can’t wait to try them out…


Until you get the SIT modules you can (as I think) use USB Client with NETMF.


After reinstalling Visual Studio 2013, I tried to install from scratch NETMF SDK 2016 QFE2 without success. I don’t remember the exact error message. I think it was related to a site the installer couldn’t access (404 error). It seems that some links are broken. It’s a pity because I have a lot of Gadgeteer modules, development boards, G400S/G400D modules… which become unusable or almost unusable. Maybe it’s time to change platform!


Isn’t there the option to install one after another (NETMF, Gadgeteer, GHI Software, USB drivers etc. )?