"USB Host"

Hello GHI team,
I have tested SC20100 USB Host example on a keyboard with some difficulties.
It’s ok but i found three issues on code certainly due to new changes.

I replaced :
var keyboard = new Keyboard(e.Id);
var mouse = new Mouse(e.Id);
var rawDevice = new RawDevice(e.Id);

by :
var keyboard = new Keyboard(e.Id,e.InterfaceIndex);
var mouse = new Mouse(e.Id,e.InterfaceIndex);
var rawDevice = new RawDevice(e.Id,e.InterfaceIndex,e.Type);

Please could you specifie using for non specialist :slight_smile: like me.

I’m sorry I didn’t contribute more. Not a lot of time but very interested in SITCore.

issue #131



Those are fixed already. Go to the tutorial and click “improve this doc” in the top right corner.

Regardless, thanks and we are pushing the changes live later today.

Thank’s Gus.

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No actually thank you

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