USB Host support and SDK merge plan

We are about ready to release a new version of the FEZ (USBizi ) firmware. The new firmware has 2 important changes. First, it adds USB host support. With this option, you can now connect almost any USB device to FEZ Domino and make it it work with couple lines of code. (FEZ Mini doesn’t have USB host)

Another important change is that FEZ SDK is being merged with the standard GHI Electronics NETMF SDK. What does this mean? FEZ will be using the same powerful assemblies available for ChipworkX and EMX. This also means, you can switch from FEZ to USBizi to EMX to ChipworkX without the need to change any line of code!

Moving the SDK means we need to update all documentation, libraries, examples, component drivers and assemblies…so for the next couple days we ask you to bare with us while we update everything on the TinyCLR website.

Once this is done, we will have more news updating everyone.