USB Host problems


I can get the USB host to kinda work, ie fire the DeviceConnectedEvent() delegate but the disconnect delegate never seems to get fired when I remove the usb device(mem stick) ? Is this normal ? I need to restart the Fez Panda II in order for it to find the usb device again ?

Might I be doing something silly or has anyone else experienced this kind of behavior before ?


Weak power?

You have probably already seen this, but I didn’t at first so I will post a link just in case:

If you only looked at the Beginner USB host tutorial, you might have missed it. Without the mods, mine kinda worked, but was erratic… of course that was corrected after I hacked a USB adapter cable for the purpose.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. Made a new cable from scratch with the 2 * 15k pull downs and nice and stable with all the events firing…