USB driver for G devices

First time I have tried to connect to G30 since having to reinstall Windows and the GHI usb drive does not seem to be available and I have not been able to locate on the GHI site. Could someone please point me the the usb driver site?

Thanks for the reply valon but don’t seem to be moving forward. This is a G30 module and both power and USB leds are on. But plugging in the USB does not cause anything to register in Device Manager.
If there are any suggestions or questions please let me know…Thanks…Gus50310

Please add a category to your post. We do not know if this is TinyCLR or NETMF.

I was trying TinyCLR
Using Windows Version 10.0.15063 Build 15063

Never mind…seems it was the cable as the G30 now shows up under Universal USB devices with a different one.
Now moving to trying to get the TinyCLR firmware on it.

Looks like I have the firmware in and in trying to download a program from VS 2017 get…

Total deployment size is 77,004 bytes.
Incrementally deploying assemblies to the device:

Then I get…
An error has occurred: please check your hardware.

Any suggestions on what is causing this road block?


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