USB disconnect crashes PC?


Sometimes my Spider takes my computer down, when I disconnect the cable or reset the board. It often happens when the deployment succeeds, and the computer is waiting for the reboot - that never happens.

I press the reset button, and both the Spider AND my pc reboots.

Annoying - and really time consuming. :frowning:

A bad USB driver or what?

@ njbuch - It is a good practice to stop Visual Studio, before unplugging or resetting the device.

Hmm, I have been thinking about that move for quite some time…maybe its time. What happened to the slooow deployment times?

Using winusb drives?

Be glad you only get a reboot and not a BSOD.

Its actually a BSOD! And no other USB devices in play!

I gave up doing development on the spider and do all my work on the Hydra. I haven’t see the BSOD on the Hydra. Winusb driver helps but doesn’t stop the BSOD on the spider.

I experienced BSODs also on Win 7 and Win 8 in both VS 2010 and VS 2012 and all my boards Hydra, Spider and G120. I mainly use VS2010 though because VS2012 takes forever to deploy and to enter debugging state.

Hmm… didn’t know about that. Will try it out. Thanks.

I really have serious problems, and have read through the posts, but it is unclear to me how you exactly change from the GHI legacy driver to the winusb driver.

Can someone be a little more specific?

Note that you will need to change the driver if you use it on a different USB port after you have made the change to the one it is currently plugged into.

I discovered this the other day after updating and then plugging into another port by mistake. Couldn’t understand until why it was back to being slow until I checked in Device Manager and saw that it was on the GHI driver.

It sounds simple, I feel noobish here, but which device are we talking about? I tried the netmf debuggable device, and the driver updates, but it is difficult to see the difference…

I need more details, stepwise, every single click.

Just to clarify, here is the steps, thanks to Andre.m:

In the Computer->Manage->Device Manager find the "GHI NETMF debuggable device
Right click and choose properties
Then choose driver tab
Then click "Update driver…"
Then click "Browser my computer for driver software"
Then click "Let me pick from a list…"
In this window click “Have disk…” and point to C:\Program Files\GHI Electronics\GHI Premium NETMF v4.2 SDK\USB Drivers\GHI_NETMF_WinUsb
Finish up, and restart machine.

I assume you forgot to document 8, enjoy a bluescreen free deployment

@ Brett - I use winusb but I still get BSOD on the spider!

Yes in that It does the same thing on two different desktop machines and a laptop.

Yes but I don’t get them on the Hydra.

I haven’t tried the very latest firmware. I started doing development on the Hydra and I don’t have the problem there. I’m waiting for the new release to get stable.

If I’m debugging and hit the reset button without first stopping the debug session. Or sometimes if I try to deploy I will get an invalid instruction halt then hit the reset.

It’s not getting dusty. I just do the development on the Hydra then recompile and deploy on the spider.