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USB device pointers?


Okay, after the success with the UM175, I thought I’d give the Virgin Mobile unit a try (Novatel MC760). The big advantage to the Virgin is they operate off Sprint’s network and have a $40/mo unlimited usage plan with no contract. You pay 80 bucks for the device and you’re set.

Unfortunately, I’m stuck. When you first plug it in, I see two mass storage devices, which is correct - a driver “CD” storage device on-board, and a second one for the on-board MicroSD slot.

I can successfully eject the device via a transfer to the first mass storage device, which changes its product ID to the correct product ID and fires new DeviceConnected events. Except instead of one still being mass storage, all 3 are unknown. I assume there are 3 because there should be 1 for the MicroSD, one for the serial modem itself, and one for the on-board GPS receiver.

I tried creating a USBH_Device of the serial type, and then instantiating a Serial_____(brand) object, however each time it fails with a “General” exception when the manufacturer-specific device is created.

Any suggestions for debugging past this point would be great. I’m thinking something “more” is wrong as there is no device type 6 when the card restarts. I also wouldn’t mind lending the device (with service) if you guys wanted to play with it. As I said, I think it’d be a great one to have working on FEZ as there’s no contract.


Maybe it is no standard CDC interface.

Sure we can test it out here. Can we contact you on the email address stated in your profile?


Like said in previous post, you need your device specifications or some linux code and follow it. If you have a USB analyzer, you can follow it too.