USB component for Reaper?

I’m brand new to the hardware world, so sorry if this is a dumb question.

I recently ordered a FEZ Reaper and a few components (buttons, sensors, etc.). I mistakenly thought it had an embedded USB port, but it doesn’t, so I have no way to power / program it. So I went to order a USB component (I tried USBSP-GM-330 and USBCDP-GM-280) but no longer carries any. Ditto and

What’s my best bet here? Are there other good sources for these parts? Or are there other compatible USB components I could use (that would be accessible to a noob like me)? Should I instead power the Reaper with a battery pack and use a serial port component for programming?

(I’m in NYC if that helps.)

What you need is a power module:
This module must be connected on D socket (socket 1 on Reaper).

Thanks for the reply! Yeah, those are the parts I was looking for, but no one seems to stock them anymore (not, not, not Is there any other vendor you can suggest?

@mike are you locak(ish)?


maybe this one could help you from ebay


If you still need a power module, private message me.

This would also work.

As far as i understand he want to use/program and power board with usb module and can not find to buy so i find and alternative on ebay and is very cheap since it have included pins for usb connection to mcu

Good suggestion, I may end up going with that. The downside is that it ships from China and will take several weeks to arrive. The upside is that it’s $1. :slight_smile:

Dumb question, I see that the board has a USB port and a plug for power. Does that mean it will not use the USB port itself for power? In which case, I need to buy an AC adapter?

Ah, didn’t know about, thanks for the pointer! This would supply power, but I would also need some way to program the SoC, right? Like a module with an RS232 port?

You can use this :

  • as power supply via usb or
  • as power supply via power adapter
  • also you have other pins for programming D+ and D-

You need a red board for powering and programming a module. Usually you would use a USB DP or USB SP module. The difference is the SP module only powers via the USB socket, and the DP also allows a voltage input of up to 9-12V. DP means dual power.

The battery module, which is red, provides a USB client interface, which is what is needed to program the board. It is all that you need to program. Primary programming mode is via USB.

I am in the Princeton NJ area. If you need a power module fast, I can lend one to you.

The following should be a help…

Different board, but essentially the same procedures.

I was looking for a getting-started guide like that, thanks very much!

@Gus/@Gary, looks like the most important part of the Gadgeteer inventory is tapped out. Any chance you’ll do an injection on DP or SP modules to help the depleting mainboard stock ?

We have already made a note and looking into it. There are multiple loose ends we are cleaning up after the website/product changes.