USB Client SP Module max amps?

I suspect voltage to be 5V ± 0.25V, but what is the max amp this module can handle?

If I remember right from one of the threads here it is 500mA.

The module uses the LM1117MP VREG which has a limit of 800mA. The USB source should normally not provide more than 500mA. But, if you had a better source I would think you could get 800mA.

So what do I do when the GPRS module sold with Gadgeteer requires up to 1A in bursts?

GHI has been working on a better power module to handle this. If you are experiencing problems then I would add additional power through an Extender/MakeBread/Rewire module. Using multiple power sources (red modules) is totally unsupported though…

The other DP module costs $24.95(!). I’m worried how much a 1-2A version would costs. $50?

Yea. It hurts to pay as much for the power module as for the mainboard :frowning:

It’s that or keep having resets when you brown-out your mainboard… There is a reason these are expensive, they’re not trivial to do !

Yet the cerb bee with a ton of features (and power) costs $39. Go figure. It’s probably because everyone has to have a DP module, and noone else makes them. I guess there is always China since the schematics and whatnot are open source.

You’re totally welcome to build your own power module. I can guarantee that GHI aren’t milking this one - I’ve looked at designing my own and it’s not something you’ll do effectively at a much cheaper price in small quantities. The DP is also only capable of 800mA so it’s still not a great solution if you have displays and other hungry devices (ie your GPRS device); putting together a good switching power supply design is non-trivial.

One other factor that might increase the price you can buy a module at is that probably up towards to 50% of the “price” of a module goes to the final distributor; that’s an area where you have an opportunity to DIY and keep cost down.

I’ll just buy a 2A switching power supply (for $2.50 on ebay) and hook it up directly to the GPRS modem.

absolutely. Will work a treat - or at least as effective as a $2.50 thing can be expected to :slight_smile:

Just remember to join GNDs and you’re golden

Ops. Thanks :slight_smile: