USB Client emulating an MSD


I copied your example code into the startup section of my program switched the LMODE signal on my spider and, sure enough, the computer recognises the spider as a disk drive.

The windows 7 laptop recognises it only in device manager, the vista machine does list it in windows explorer but then asks you to insert a disk drive when you click on it “please insert a disk into removable disk H:”

What am I missing?

Thanks and Regards,

David Cowan

Thought I’d posted this last night… must have forgotten to press send. If there is a duplicate somewhere my apologies.

Hard to tell without seeing your code

Got it now, when you forced me to look back at the code I realised that I had mounted the file system right at the start (which, of course locked out the USB Client).

Sometimes iot just takes somebody to say “check it yet again” to solve the problem.

Kind regards,

David Cowan