USB Client descriptors

Since I’m new to USB descriptors and all the stuff involved, I’ll need some help to get me started.

I want to let Windows detect my FEZ Cobra as a HID Pen device.

I think I can use the USBC_Device class for that, but I’m not sure.
It would be nice if anyone had an example of setting up a HID device (mouse, joystick, etc) by using the USBC_Device class.

Thanks in advance.

wiki and book got you covered already GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software

Yeah, seen that one. But the example uses the USBC_Mouse class.

I want to be able to set my own descriptors so it is detected as a Pen device, not as a mouse. But I don’t know exactly how to set up all those descriptors with the USBC_Device class. Plus, I asume the constructor adds some descriptors already, but it’s not clear to me…

In fact I want to implement this:

Would this help C:\Users\Gus Issa\Documents\Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.1\Samples\Mouse

Great example, thank you!