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USB client and debugging


Hey guys,
I remember something regarding debugging and using USB client at the same time. I am now very much in need of this feature, but cannot find any documentation regarding it. Could someone point me in the right direction please?

Ahh, just as I’ve written this, I found a small section regarding this on the wiki, but with not much documentation - just one short example. Is there any more info anyone is aware of?


It is in the documentation for USB Client support for CDC.


Thanks, I’ve just had a read through all of it. Is there some kind of a datareceivedeventhandler for USBC_CDC? I can’t seem to find anything regarding that.


This came up here numerous times, no there is not.


Ahh thanks Gus :).

Is this something that may ever be implemented?


If you do a search you might find some hints as to why. Some serial ports can raise a signal when there is data; USB serial can not, so to hide that with a datarecieved event handler would require the team to do a polling loop. So it’s prioritised low, may never get done, given that the user has to do a polling loop without the event…


Ahh thanks :slight_smile: