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USB CDC serial performance


Just out of curiosity, has anyone here measured any performance figures on the USB CDC serial?

I was thinking about maybe getting a Panda or something and using USB CDC serial to connect it to interface my netbook with my Traxxas Stampede’s ESC and steering servo. If I do, I need the interface to be super fast.


Define “super fast” :slight_smile:

I would say it will be over 50K but we never tested it so I am not sure


I think it is over 400KBytes/s


Super fast as in, I send a short command and the FEZ almost immediately catches and parses it.

Parsing it is easy, I just wanted to know how fast I could get a CDC serial port going. The faster the better.


What I mean is, will 10K be fast? 100K? more? I think what we have now is fast enough considering it is faster that UART and UART speed should be good for what you need.


I guess it depends on how much work I put into the interface, but I think somewhere in the realm of a couple hundred K would be fast enough.


The eBook said 500k/s


500K should be fast enough then. It was just a thought. I’m still not sure if I want my netbook on something that goes 30MPH+


Now Chris that would be entertaining.


If you put the netbook on the car, please video it. I really would like to see a netbook get trashed :smiley:


Yes me too :smiley: Would be the first time to see a netbook flying :smiley: