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I have been working on a small but complex program in windows to test cell phones functionallty via USB port

I was wondering if the Domino with it’s USB chip on board will offer the same service which will make it easyier than running off a PC?


It does have a USB host that will support in a day or two with the GHI 4.1 SDK. You will need to a fair bit of coding to create a custom device to be able to communicate with a cell phone though.


Jeff, we already support USB host. That USB device that is comming today.

About the phone, do you need iso or it is all bulk? We will be able to do it with our devices a million times easier than windows but we do not support iso


(Read in Homer Simpson’s voice) Doh! Of course you are correct Gus, that is what I get for answering a post before my 2nd cup of coffee. ???


Still, thanks for helping :slight_smile: please help in future too