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Urgent: Need a Cobra Board and 3.5" Display



for a customer project, we need very urgently one or two FEZ Cobra boards with a 3.5" touchscreen TFT. If there is anyone in Germany willing to sell his board for a good price, please contact me via PN or

Thanks in advance



what about ordering new one from some EU shop?


Yes, there are plenty of Europe shops.
I would see a reason why someone would sell his fez board. We all love them.
It’s like a teddybear we go to sleep with :smiley:


You’re really funny - that was the first thing I tried to do:

Germany: Watterott is actually not available.
Netherlands / Belgium: No display on stock
Denmark: No display either.
France: Well, two days is not enough for the French post… :wink:

I really need a kit until next Tuesday, that’s the problem.

#5 have 2 on stock :slight_smile:


have you tried “” in the Netherlands


mrPositive: From Im today order one but now I see that waiting time is 1-2 weeks…

#8 have 2 on stock Smiley

Am I the only one who cannot access their website actually? Well, but nevertheless, I guess I need someone in Germany with a Cobra kit due to the shipping time.



Well, they only ship after they received the payment. Without Paypal that will not work.


As many other web shops :slight_smile:


Yes, but especially for a company, it is not that difficult to buy something in Germany by invoice. And most foreign shops accept credit cards or at least Paypal. Well, I’m still looking for a board…


I am willing to sell you my board.
BUT: only for the price of a new one (including shipping from Germany to Netherlands!)


Hi Robert,

do you also have a 3.5" display? If so, that would be really great. The price is ok. It would be great if you could contact me via our website ( to discuss all the details.

Dank je wel!



Ok, I finally got a Cobra box from Robert! Thanks!


Woooo ;D