[URGENT] Migrating from USBIZI to G120, fast

Hello all,

Group I’m in is in quite a bit of trouble. We have a tightly-integrated system that relies on the Panda II-- and as of last week, these have stopped selling on sparkfun, or anywhere that we can get fast.

In order to accomodate the need for the rest of the system, we’recurrently working on designing a board that accepts the G120 SoM and breaks out the IO to the Panda II footprint. Our group has plenty of experience with board development, but we aren’t sure that the software migration will be as straightfoward. Does anybody have experience migrating software between the GHI processor families? How much refactor and rewrite would be expected?

That depends on what features you are using on Panda II. Some are pretty simple, some might take an effort.

Thanks for the speedy reply!

We’re using ADCs, GPIOs, 2 UARTS, and SPI with an interrupt.

I guess I’m interested to know if there might be unexpected complications during migration other than simply changing the pin numbers.

I’m also curious if there are other suggestions on how to do this quickly.

As far as I know there are no issues related to the features you are using. Switching to G120 should be fairly easy.

In any case, I would get G120HDR module to do a “beta” try to make sure everything is working.

Would going to a Cerbuino to simply test work? I was thinking this as Pandas (correct me if I am wrong) were Adruino header based – unless you need the GHI Premium libraries.

Or you contact GHI directly and see what they have to say.

@ mhectorgato - Panda II is compatible with Arduino footprint, but it has extra 2x20 header.

That one is missing on Cerbuino.

One of the great advantages of NETMF is in the hardware abstraction. The code should be the same or very close from one hardware to another. You are only using basic features so all should be easy.

Note that some changes were done as you are using 4.1 on panda and will switch to 4.2 on G120 (4.3 in the future) so things have changed, like analog is now part of the core.