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Upload help for Idiots


I have just uploaded a modified Cobra Graphical Demo with all references to chipworkX removed

But!!! As it was my first time I “***sed” it up…

It created a FILE page by mistake

I then created a proper page here…

The original file link now appears under all categorised item in the link ie…graphical TFT etc… as a media file… Can someone help me to fix it?

Cheers Ian


Ok Ive fixed the error I had placed the file in all the categories as well…

Right… It’s ok now for people to use.

Cheers Ian


Why create a new page if you could just add more to the existing page? Just so it is easier fro everyone to find your work


Gus: Thats why I emailed GHI and asked for help… the first page was a file. and no-one could see it…

Cheers Ian