Upload Cerb loader and firmware into empty microcontroller


What do I need to run my netmf project on the empty stm32f4? As I understand, it couldn’t be programmed over usb, so I need st-link to initially program it over swd, right? Just connect 4 pins and upload Loader.dfu from the GHI SDK? And then I’ll be able to upload firmware and netmf program over usb using FezConfig?

BTW, are there any partnumbers of stm32f4 that are preprogrammed on the factory to allow uploading netmf (or any other) loader over usb, with no need in st-link?

I think you can’t use the GHI-Software on an empty STM. The GHI-Software is copyrighted and not freeware. If you buy a G30 or another the licence is included (if I understood it right).

You are right about G30 and all other G*-s. But Cerberus was opensource and it’s loader and firmware are included into GHI SDK to be uploaded to empty microcontroller. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I found this information:

[quote]Releasing the NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2014 R2 SDK!
The long-awaited-for NETMF 4.3 release from GHI Electronics is finally here. We did not just switch to 4.3 but we have made some major changes that should simplify the use of GHI NETMF devices, for newcomers and for experts alike. For starters, there is no “premium” and “OSHW” libraries anymore. All libraries are now simply “GHI” libraries. They run across all devices, no matter what features are included

This release is highly recommended for everyone, unless a product is already released and locked with earlier versions. There will be no improvements or bug fixes made on the discontinued NETMF 4.2; however, NETMF 4.2 is still included in this SDK, along with NETMF 4.3. This should make it easier to transition to the new release.

Secondly, the software for Cerb-family devices is no longer open source. This was done to provide for better support and quality on these smaller and lower power devices. Users in need for open source can use the NETMF 4.2 sources or use the STM32 release found in the porting kit.

As a supporter of open source hardware (OSHW), we are keeping the FEZ Hydra open source with a new low price of $24.95! This at-near-cost price is a thank you from GHI to anyone interested in being part of the internal NETMF development efforts.

Documentation, documentation… we know that many of you, and sometimes even us, were lost between NETMF and Gadgeteer, between 4.2 and 4.3, between premium and OSHW! The new NETMF 4.3 is reorganized as explained earlier and we have rewrote the NETMF documentation to be directly related to this new clean release. All needed docs can be found under the NETMF tag, http://www.ghielectronics.com/docs?tags=netmf

Unfortunately, not all features have made it to the current SDK. Features like PPP and USB Host on the Cerb-family will have to be added in upcoming releases. On the bright side, all other features are stable. We would like to say “Thank You” to our great community for helping us in testing the earlier beta releases!

As always, the NETMF support page has everything needed, http://www.ghielectronics.com/support/netmf

Right. We can use older open-source version of cerb firmware. But the question is how to use it with empty STM32f4?

@ andre.m - do I really need to build it by myself? As I understand, everything I need is already built and included into GHI SDK. I only need to upload it into empty microcontroller in the most simple way.

@ andre.m - Why can’t I use open-source (4.2) version of binaries with empty chip?

You can. Put the chip into DFU mode and use DfuSe to load the firmware.

@ godefroi - can I do this with empty chip using USB? or only SWD?

With USB. DFU isn’t a GHI feature, it’s built in to the STM32 chip.

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See the section “Loader Update”. This works even on the blank chip…



@ godefroi - So, empty chip will work as USB device even from factory? Great, thanks!

@ toxsedyshev - Yes, in DFU mode.

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