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I’m posting here cause this is the only thread I could get access to.

Please help. I’ve just put together a prototype for a board I’m making based on a g120. Everything about it seems ok but the noise on the 3v3 rail is completely ridiculous and I can’t nail it down. It’s just below 1V and is at 28khz! I’m NOT[edit :)] ruling out that I’ve stuffed this prototype somehow. But the noise is only there when the g120 is running? If I press the reset button for the g120, it’s fine for a few seconds and then starts again? any ideas where I should go next?

Thanks in advance.

Update… I think it is something in my power supply design. If I remove the g120 and simulate the approximate load. I get almost as evil a result.


I was going to say… to me it just sounds like power supply noise coming thru and I’d look at specifically what capacitance you have around the place trying to deal with that (but not really doing the job).


Here are the gory details of where the mysterious 28khz comes from even though the lm3671 has a frequency of 2M. This really annoying feature called PFM mode.

It does this to save the battery below a certain current, check out the spec sheet for more details.

Not sure how to make this work with my ADC’s. I might change to this one which is a drop in.

Thanks again, I’ll check back in if I can fix the issue.


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The only boards I see that are available to post on are “Archive,” and “News,”…no “NETMF,” board to begin asking questions about how to get my new project started. Is this a result of said upgrade?

I tried piggy-backing on archived posts but was told I should create a new thread…I see no option to do so.

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