Updating G120 to TinyCLR. Bit of work needed

My first venture to getting back to GHI and TinyCLR after many years and it took some minor effort to update my old G120 based Cobra 2 board to TinyCLR

Loading the bootloader manually from Teraterm didn’t work and I ended up using Fez Config to do this. After this, I used Teraterm to update the firmware and now my G120 is visible to VS2017.

Using settings from my old NETMF programs, I was able to run a demo on the 5.0" LCD so all good so far. Next is getting capacitive touch to work.


That is great but please keep in mind that you are looking at last year’s find and software. If you want the latest then make sure you are on the beta program please.

I already sent the NDA and completed form and just waiting for you to send out the email. :slight_smile:

Email was sent. Check your spam folder please

Nothing in the spam folder. GHI emails are always received but so far nothing.