Updating Embedded Master

I was trying to update a few Embedded Master modules that I have sitting around but I’m having issues passing the update tinybootloader step…
I can reach the BL prompt, erase and load the .ghi file using XMODEM.
After rebooting the module it doesn’t show in Windows device manager.
The above occurs when I upload a tinybooter file for v4.2 or 4.3. If I stick with the latest 4.1 that is available in the download page it works and shows as EMX in the device manager.

I did try this with 2 different modules in 2 different PCs, once running Windows 8 and the other with 7.
If it helps the V command in the loader shows as 1.08.

Are there any issues with upgrading an Embedded master with v4.2 or 4.3? I was under the impression that the EMX firmware would work. Am I wrong on this?


The Embedded master module is not an EMX module.The EMX replaced the Embedded Master.

Understood. No surprise it didn’t take the update. :slight_smile: