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Updating boot loader on Raptor


Hi Everyone,
Just purchased my first gadgeteer board (Raptor) and set of modules a couple weeks ago. Things have been going pretty well using the CLR and Bootloader that were preinstalled on the board ( However, I was having some stability issues with I2C when using the T43 display that I was hoping would go away using 4.3 and the new R2 Beta-3 gadgeteer package. So I decided to go ahead and try to update…

Anyhow, my problem is that I cannot seem to update the bootloader. I have tried this on two different machines and each gives the same problem. Both are windows 8 x64. Both are a fresh install of the Beta-3 gadgeteer package.

After shorting pins 8 and 10 on socket 3 and entering bootloader mode, I am able to see a new comm port in the device manager. However, when I run Update.bat (in C:\Program Files (x86)\GHI Electronics\GHI NETMF v4.3 SDK\Firmwares\G400\Loader) as administrator, I receive an error in the tcl script (image attached). The contents of the log file are:

-I- Waiting …
-I- TCL platform : Windows NT
-I- SAM-BA 2.12 on : windows
current connection is \USBserial\COM8, \USBserial\COM8 to be matched
-I- Retrieved arguments from command line :
-I- argv 0 : \USBserial\COM8
-I- argv 1 : at91sam9g15-ek
-I- argv 2 : Loader.tcl

I get a similar error if I try to connect using SAM-BA directly.
I should say that I was messing around with FezConfig and accidentally updated the Firmware to 4.3 before getting the boot loader updated. So now I have TinyBooter and TinyCLR on the device.

Any suggestions about how to get TinyBooter up to date?

I hope that I have provided enough info. My experience is in PIC32 programming and this is my first round at NETMF, etc.

Thanks in advance…


welcome to the forum !!

The instructions ( do explicitly mention uppercase COM in the command, but for giggles can you try with lowercase?

Can you also show us a screenshot of the Device Manager serial ports ? That may highlight what is going on…

One final check, you did get an administrative rights command prompt to run this command, correct?


Hey Brett,
Thank you very much for the quick reply. Actually, I got a bit frustrated and just re-installed everything. It works now. I really don’t know what was going wrong.




Awesome, now go make awesome stuff ! :slight_smile: :smiley: