Update firmware to Preview 4

I am attempting to update the firmware to Preview 4 and TinyCLR Config just shuts down.

TinCLR Config version: v2.0.0 - preview4
Firmware currently on SC20260D:
New firmware:

TinyCLR Config connects okay. I select the new firmware and click Update Firmware.
Status changes to: Connecting to loader mode.

After a few seconds, TinyCLR Config closes with no errors.

I have cleared the application from the SC20260D board and removed the display and any other add-ons. I have tried running TinyCLR as Admin, all with the same result.

Any suggestions?

Are you using a USB hub and is it powered?

Did you update TinyCLR Config also?

Anyway, for the worse case, just hold LDR and hit reset button, then select the new com port. It should work with that way all the time.

I am using the latest version of TinyCLR Config - v2.0.0-preview4
I am connected through a hub but powered from 12Vdc.

I did at @Dat_Tran suggested and held the LDR button during reset and connected directly into loader mode. This worked and I was able to update to preview 4.

Thanks for the help.