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Update alerts? Mailing list?



I’m waiting on an update for the i2c fix for the hydra, but I can’t see any way to easily detect if an update has been pushed. Is there any kind of mailing list or something that can be subscribed to in order to alert us of updates?

Currently I am scanning daily to check the date for any new revisions but this seems a little inefficient. The wiki page is also pretty vague on where to actually get updates from (as far as where to download them, not where they’re found on the local disk) - Is anyone able to freely edit the wiki pages?


You can subscribe to the RSS feed. Usually all major announcement are there.

Here is the link

In general yes, but there may be a minimal forum rank requirement.


When updates are published, you will see a new topic in the forum, and you can find the downloads here


RSS, twitter, facebook, google+, mailing list :slight_smile:

Look under “stay connected” please