Upcoming VideoOut module prototype

This Gadgeteer module converts the RGB sockets on gadgeteer mainboard to VGA or RCA Video output.

It even upscale the input resolution. For example, the input can be 320x240 while output is 1024x768. On this demo, we have 640x480 in and 800x600 out.

This is expected to be available in January 2012

That is so totally awesome :smiley:

It is a very cool module!

Any idea of the pricing?

Very nice! Any demos that include motion video?


I see some cool project in the future! :o


I know you guys realize how cool this is but I just want to remind you that you can connect a 70" TV to your gadgeteer/hydra :slight_smile:

Yeah yeah it supports SDTV and HDTV on video out :wink:

Any plans for HDMI?

@ PerfectPhase Check this predecessor thread out…


Hdmi is available if you are willing to cover the $10,000 adoption fee :slight_smile:

I’ll think I’ll pass on that! :o

What about DisplayPort? That one is open and royalty-free.
HDMI adaptors are available for $20.

In the video you connect 4 cables to the video module

RGB is clear but what is the 4th socket? It seams that it is connected to a extender module

Hmm. If you get this out soon enough, I could create my slide deck in XAML or Glide, and then do my next presentation right from the Spider :slight_smile:

Cool board, Gus.