Up to Date Notification on TinyCLR reliability for Commercial Production

Hi All,

As it has been a long time since my last connection to the forum, I took some time today to check about TinyCLR advancement topics…

Can the team feedback on the fact that choosing TinyCLR for a commercial product (to be launched on last quarter of 2019) is a good idea or not ?

My requirments are :

  • Ethernet Connectivity FastEthernet at least,
  • 16 Digital I/O (at least 8 with Interrupt),
  • 8 Analog Input 12bits,
  • I2C, OneWire,
  • DataStorage (SD Card or even MemoryFileSystem) for config file, binary datas and so on,
  • RTC Clock (I2C maybe),
  • WCF Compliance (client with nettcp DuplexBinding),
  • Multithread

Thanks for your feedback !

Everything yo need is already in there minus networking and you can access files on SD cards only.

Do you need SSL on ethernet?
I do not think there is a plan for WCF but can you tell us more about this need?


Nice to hear you again. What does it mean by minus networking ?

As the project deals with LAN, we do not need SLL, only WCF nettcp based encryption will be sufficient.

Regarding to WCF, all our system is already based on microservices exchanging messages between them using WCF duplex binding and Publish/Subscribe pattern. It is pure .NET softs and we would like the material to share the same pattern to communicate with those services.

I already used WCF Client with NETMF 4.2 has it was provided, but without duplex at this time, but I hoped TinyCLR would help !..And per the fact that NETMF will finally be replaced by TinyCLR, I dont want to spend time on it…

Thanks for your feedback.

it means networking is not implemented in TinyCLR yet. You should review the release notes Release Notes and roadmap https://docs.ghielectronics.com/software/tinyclr/roadmap.html to see more detail.

OK Brett,

So maybe I made a misunderstanding as I read somewhere that FEZ was the basis for TinyCLR certified boards and that it includes a WIFI module as an option…

Thanks for the links. As I can see networking is planed for soon. Isn’t it weird not to have included networking in Core functionalities of an embedded OS with those types of UCM modules ?

Essentially the specific text you want to look for is “we are tentatively planning to version 1.2. This release will focus on networking, specifically a built-in networking and TLS stack with drivers for our Ethernet PHYs”. So things that have built in stacks are supported in different variations - but if you’re looking for full capability like you had in say a G120 or an EMX in NetMF, then that isn’t supported.

Doing networking right is a major task. We either do it right or we leave it to external hardware that does. And that is next on or list. But you can certainly integrate whatever you need add TinyCLR supports adding native drivers. There are even managed TCP IP stack that you can simply use today. I think it was called uip?

Basically, you have options if in a rush. Or give us some time and we will figure it out for you.