Unrecognized Bootloader mode so i cannot update Firmware to my FEZ Spider

i have received and unpacked my FezSpider main board.
I have connect the USB DP module and Display to FEZ and connect it to my PC.
If i set my device in default mode the device is recognized, the driver are loaded and all works fine.
So i have tried to build and deploy an application after download and installed in the right order all software (VS 2010, .NETMF 4.2 and GHI SDK)

Following the info i have changed the switched on my device to (off, on, on, on).
But when i reset (or disconnect and than reconnect) my device nothing happened,
The device is not recognized and the drivers are not loaded and the FEZ Updater is unable toconnect to my device and upgrade it

I haven’t use any USB HUB and i have connected it directly to my PC Mainboard.

What am i wrong???
Please help me

Hello guys,

When searching online for my problem, I noticed it is exactly the same as you described. However, this post doesn’t contain the solution or answer, so I was wondering if you managed to solve this issue ?

And if yes : would you still remember what was causing this issue ?

Best regards