Unread messages - scheduled job frequency?

How often does the unread messages job run? I’ve noticed I’ve refreshed the unread list but not got any results, only to see in a forum that there’s a new post in a thread I’m interested in. I know it must be scheduled but can’t figure out the frequency.

Also on that note, if I go and review the thread I’m following directly (or if I go to an active thread from my already-unread list) I can come back later after a subsequent unread messages job pass and be shown the same thread - even though there’s actually no new post there. (hope I explained that well enough). Seems like it’s not “fully” resetting the “I’ve read that thread” trigger, more seems like it records “you read a specific post in the thread” and assumes you didn’t scroll :slight_smile:

It is done on login. So, if you close the browser and reopen it, you will get a fresh list of new messages.

There is a long list of enhancement that we have for the forum

log in and log out, works as frequently as you want, lol, it’s the first thing I do when I return at the site.

It’s hard if you’re in the chat (you will get logged out in chat as well !)

login and logout? What, leave my mates here all alone? That’s why I like cookies to log me in. That, plus I hate remembering passwords. :o

It obviously has to do with session state on the server side. On new session, build the list.

i log in and out at least 20 times a day :wink:

well you obviously know your password, I guess I will have to guess mine :wink:

lastpass is my Saviour.

The unread list is built at log in and every minute after that. The code still needs some work. It was an approach I came up with that has some bugs in the timing. The forum will be revamped within everyone’s suggestions and a few of my own next month.

I suppose in the mean time we could come up with a Greasemonkey script to auto login/out.