Uncaught Exception Event Handler general Hook

Hello guys,
i created a new issue ticket at NetMF and would like to get your vote if you think it is wordy ;D
here is what the issue have to say:

Current if the system causes an Uncaught Exception it would lock up..
it would be great if you could add an Event to the main exception handler, 
that we would subscribe to to catch and deal with all uncaught exception, 
and allow us to decide how to go forward. in there one would have the 
opportunity to log uncaught exception and reboot the device; 
instead of having a locked up device.


and here is the link:

Please vote…



I haven’t checked that this exists in NETMF, but in the desktop framework, we use AppDomain.UnhandledException to catch all the unhandled exceptions.

@ godefroi
There is no equivalent in .NET MF - that’s the problem.

Yep, that’s the reason why I’m asking for it…
please vote :slight_smile: