Unavaliable modules?

I don’t know if this is the right place for my post? But I really hope I find some answers here!

I have ordered a set of extenders and PIR modules from two different UK-based vendors, it seems there is a delay in delivering them, when I asked the vendors they told me that the delay is from GHI? Are there any specific causes for this delay?

We usually ship all distributor orders within one week but some distributors only order something after they receive an order…making the lead time longer.

You are welcome to order direct if this is a better option for you.

Hi waadimsi. I have ordered stuff directly from GHI several times now, and every time I was astonished how quickly the stuff arrived all the way to New Zealand. Almost every time less than a week from order to delivery. So it sounds to me like your UK vendors are just using GHI as a scapegoat.

I have ordered stuff directly before and it often gets held up in Customs for a few days here in the UK. GHI normally send it very quickly.

Be careful not to be caught out by the high VAT rate if you order directly from GHI. UK vendors often get them in cheaper in my experience, especially when you take into account delivery charges :wink:

Who did you order from?


@ KiwiSaner, @ Gus thanks a lot :slight_smile:

@ Bodwad Hi paul, I have ordered from Digital Means and they are efficient, but they don’t have all the modules that I need! My second order is from proto-pic and I am waiting my order (10 days from now!)


@ waadimsi - Use Mouser I always do! Just make sure your order is greater than £50 then your post is free via Fedex, the nice thing is they pay the import duty, and you do not get postie holding his hand out for the duty plus their £8 charge. It mostly takes about 4 days and you get to track your delivery.

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I always go with mouser or proto pic or cool components they list how much stock they have and give tell you when they will replenish stock too.