Unable to deploy new code

I have been happily coding an app running on a Raptor for the last couple weeks. Been updating twenty times a day, no problem.

This morning I ran the board on external power, rather than USB, for a half hour or so.

Afterwards, when I plugged the Raptor back into USB and tried running the same project that the board was already running in debug mode, I was getting an I2C exception.

I should have copied the output window, sorry I do not have the exact error message.

So I tried running Fez Config thinking that something had gone awry on the board. Fez Config happily updates the firmware, but now Visual Studio can no longer find the device. “Device cannot be found or cannot be opened.”

Can anyone tell me the steps to get back to normal again?


If I just ran the firmware updater without pressing Reset, will that cause this issue?

Does one still need to ground pin 8 on socket 3 to do a reset? I thought I read somewhere that that was no longer necessary…

Try re-installing your bootloader.

Thanks Andre,

I remember that issue from a while back, but had forgotten about it, so excellent to be reminded to switch to Serial and then back to USB.

That allowed me to get back to debugging, and it turns out it had nothing to do with the power source.

Instead, while I was exercising the device, the accelerometer had become unplugged…

Thanks for everyone’s help!