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Unable to Deploy and Debug on FEZ Mini with starter kit



I have just recently received my FEZ Mini Starter Kit with the intention of working through some of the samples and then starting my own project. I have got to the point where I can ping USBizi and get a reply from within MFDeploy.
But everytime I try to deploy my code to the hardware from within Visual C# I get a message saying “The debugging target is not in an initialized state; rebooting”. After that, if I set any breakpoints or try to step into the code nothing happens.
I am using Visual C# 2008 Professional on Windows 7 - I believe this is supported?

Kind Regards


Did you update your firmware? :slight_smile: Please see the big notice you see on the right on this website

“Just got a FEZ?
Don’t forget to update to the latest firmware.” :slight_smile:


Oops, Sorry Chimp - that did the trick!