Ultra-fast, the robotic arm can catch objects on the fly


I recently saw a video from an KuKa Robot which plays PingPong against a Pro.
But I can’t remember where.

Cool, love to see 2 robots playing ping pong against each other

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KUKA makes incredible stuff and their ads are pretty good too.

As far as Ping Pong robots go I like this one too

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@ duke the second one was faked. The creators came clean a few days after it went viral.

@ hagster that is actually good that it was fake as I was thinking of building something pretty much like that using the new Kinect but was rather disappointed that it had already be done, so its still game on (like I have time, but I’d sure like to give it a go).

The mad thing is that for most here it would seem easier to actually build it for real than to do all that GCI required to fake it.

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