UHF RFID, with gadgeteer

Hey guys,

Im building a prototype, sports time tracking system, using the fez spider. and programming it seems like a breeze (total noob here).

however im using the GHI rfid module and that will in no way be suitable for a real event, where i expect to use some sort of UHF RFID, like the following


or maybe a four channel one with more antennas for added reliability as every reading is super important.

any advise on how to connect this with gadgeteer and replace the prototype ghi module? is it as simple as buying a rs232 module or soldering the wires at an extender or breakout module?

how would it work with the current event from the rfid reader, id like to get some advises before i go out spend several hundred $$ buying RFID readers.


Hi Jesper, Welcome…

After a quick read of that link it supports serial, so it should be relatively easy to hook it upto the spider on a U socket via a RS232 module or extender if its TTL
You can look at the source code for the GHI RFID as it will be very similar.


You using Google today :whistle:

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Alright, so figuring as long as it supports normal rs232 communication, code and connetion could be simply done trough a the GHI rs232 module and code ect would look like it does now with the GHI RFID module…

Also considering something like this, and they even tell what wires are rs232 and ttl …

sigh i feel like such a noob on stuff like this.

Thanks for the help guys, if you are experts on UHF RFID, would you think one reader is sufficient or would i need more like a 4 channel one with four antennas to make sure, runners or mountainbikers are scanned when they pass trough?

Dear Imageicon:
I am considering to buy GHI’s RFID module today, then you post it.
What do you mean “no way be suitable for a real event”, what the read distance with this module?

@ Tzu Hsuan - 2 inches

Tsu hsuan,
Well when i said not suitable ofcourse its for my application, where tags need to be read within meters and at high speed. (i knew it was not suitable for anything but the prototype when i bought it).

that being said the module work however for the test cards ect i get about 1 - 2.5 cm read distance.