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UEXT question


Hello to all,
I’m a newbie and I want to get the Rhino board.I want to use the display and the accelerometer. Thing is they both use the UEXT header. Any solutions?

Thanks and Happy New Year to all !!!


You can make your own UEXT connector using the many pins available on Rhino.

If not sure how, do not worry, we will step you thought it…you only need a bit of wiring experience to get a 2x5pin header and wire it


This is what I did with exactly the same problem you have!
And this might not be the best solution! ::slight_smile:

I sacrificed my 2x5 cable from the accelerometer on the far end.
I cut them and solder them as in the image below.

When you are using the accelerometer you must modify the code and specify all the pin accordingly.
We are using the SPI1 on the accelerometer in this case.


Thanks Sam :slight_smile: