UDP - TCP sending large amounts of data

Im currently trying to send a Bitmap that is converted into a byte array over UDP Client (Over WiFi).
Although it is big only 8192 bytes are sent - always.

Is there a way to send the whole thing ? Or a mechanisim to divide this array and send it in chunks ?
Have you any suggestions ?

Is GetBitmap() - which returns an array of bytes from a bitmap - efficient ?
Are you planing of adding an GetBytess() function to call from the webcamera ?

are you looking at the return from the send? it will tell how many bytes were actually sent.

There is an internal buffer for sending. Need to go in a loop, and keep checking the return until all of the bytes are sent.


I’ll try that - but what the efficiency of the call ?

What does this mean? It does take a bit of time to convert the bitmap into an array of bytes.

It means - is there a better way to do this or was this optimized ? Plus will they give a GetBitmapInBytes() function specifically for calling on webcam ( like you said the conversion takes a little time ).

The thing that bothers me the most- i checked the functions return value and it did return the data that were to send ( i did a loop to ensure that all of them are sent and it just went into that loop once and did return the amount of datat that i wanted to send.

The problem is that on the other side i received only 8192 bytes - i did a loop there to to check the availability -receive the data - sleep for 100 msec and check it again. After 100 msec there where no more available bytes.

Any ideas ?

if you are sending udp packets then you should only send about 1400 bytes in each packet.

I can no say what will be coming in future. I don’t know.