UD700 Not working

This is how my UD700 looks like the first time I turned on the development board. The UD435 works well though.

the configuration has width/height, change them to 800, 480. Or post your config to here so we can see.

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It appears your program configured for the smaller display.

Use these settings that Greg posted elsehwhere.

Width = 800,
Height = 480,
DataFormat = DisplayDataFormat.Rgb565,
PixelClockRate = 24000000,
PixelPolarity = false,
DataEnablePolarity = false,
DataEnableIsFixed = false,
HorizontalFrontPorch = 16,
HorizontalBackPorch = 46,
HorizontalSyncPulseWidth = 1,
HorizontalSyncPolarity = false,
VerticalFrontPorch = 7,
VerticalBackPorch = 23,
VerticalSyncPulseWidth = 1,
VerticalSyncPolarity = false,


Can we get the timing information in the docs area? I know some samples show this, but having them listed for each LCD would help.

For reference if anyone else is considering using something else, this is the timing for a Newhaven 7" IPS 1024x600 LCD

            Width = 1024,
            Height = 600,
            DataFormat = DisplayDataFormat.Rgb565,
            HorizontalBackPorch = 160,
            HorizontalFrontPorch = 160,
            HorizontalSyncPolarity = true,
            HorizontalSyncPulseWidth = 48,
            DataEnableIsFixed = false,
            DataEnablePolarity = false,
            PixelClockRate = 40000000,
            PixelPolarity = false,
            VerticalBackPorch = 23,
            VerticalFrontPorch = 12,
            VerticalSyncPolarity = true,
            VerticalSyncPulseWidth = 10

They are on the user interface tutorial

Maybe I should check before I post. Last time there was only timing for the 4.3". I’ll get my coat.

We talked about this today too, You’re not wrong it really isn’t in the completely correct place it just happened to land under UI.

How about reduce PixelClockRate = 10000000 ?

That was the rate that was used with the older G120 and G400 but you could switch down the speed and test it. My IPS LCD is rated for 60Mhz but works more stable with the SCM20260D at 40Mhz. Display flickers when buttons are pressed at 60Mhz but rock solid at 40Mhz.