UC5550 from TinyCLR to NETMF

TinyCLR 2.0 doesn’t support the UC5550 and TinyClr isn’t as complete as Netmf.
But I don’t think I can install netmf on a UC5550 ?.
So, what is the best alternative for this one ?

Please keep posts under insider until we announce TinyCLR 2.0. I changed your post to insider.

The answer is that you should not be using UC5550 and use SCM202060D instead.

Sorry, my mistake. So UCM Dvp board is 100 % for the SCM202060D ?

The full answers are here http://new-docs.ghielectronics.com/hardware/netmf/upgrade.html

Thanks but so, to me this means : it is probably not, because if you have your own design for a UC5550, you can make the necessary changes to upgrade from UC to Sitcore. But regarding the development board itself, i am not sure that the changes can be done easily.

What exactly do you need? Do you have a commercial design with UC55?

No, it’s an hobby, business is maybe for later.
Currenly, I do no have any special design need.
but to me, it is then better to forget this board (I have only one), play and learn with the new one that has more features
i can still make an add on board if needed.