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UART Speed


Can someone confirm that the FEZ Domino and Mini can reliably support UART speeds of 921.6kbps? I wanted to interface with the board via a Blutetooth module using SPP connected via TTL.


Yes this baud rate is supported


Sorry if I am just not doing somethig obvious or did not ask the earlier question with enough background information, but I can’t get rates any higher than 115200. When I open the port I get an exception. I also can’t use any non-standard baud rates without the same result.

The call is simply

SerialPort UART = new SerialPort(“COM1”, 230400,Parity.Even);



Are you using the emulator or FEZ?

Any baud rate, even non standard ones, should work :slight_smile:

The problem could be in parity. I am not sure if parity is supported so try no parity first