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UART on Other Digital Pin


Hi Guys,

How can I make an UART connection, like Serial “COM1”, on other digital pin, like 8 for Tx and 7 for Rx ?



If the chip doesn’t support it through manipulation of the low level registers, the only way to do it is through software toggling of the pin. You really can’t do it in MF since things can kick in while you are delaying that can cause longer delays than expected, and transmission errors. This would be a good candidate for RLP. You can do low baud rates through OutputCompare, but it’s pretty tedious. Why do you want to dedicate those pins aside from the ones that support it natively?


I need to control more than one Serial Interface.

I have GPS, GPRS shield and XBee…


There are 4 serial ports on your device!


Oh, I know :smiley: , but I have FEZ Panda yet …

But, I saw that Arduino has many ways to make a Serial Interface over other pins… :slight_smile:


Yes because arduino only has one serial port :slight_smile: Yes you can make “software serial” on any pin but that is a very pad approach since you have many real serial ports.


Software serial just keeps your device busy doing nothing. It just sits there and wait until it has to toggle a pin at the given baudrate. You can do this on smaller micro’s that have a very specific task and you want to keep the price down.

But you don’t do this on a NET MF device :slight_smile:


This driver includes software UART trasmitter only implemented using OutputCompare


Thank you so much Joe, I gonna try it in my house.