UART Handshake, on more than one port in FEZ Hydra

The FEZ Hydra CPU has 4 RTS and CTS (handshake) pins. But only one port is enabled via the FEZ Hydra Port (COM4). My project needs two ports with RTS and CTS. I can modify the RS232 module to connect to RTS and CTS pin for the socket 5. Does the SerialPort (System.IO.Ports) class support handshake other than COM4 port?


The firmware on the FEZ Hydra does not support UART handshaking at this time.

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Thanks James.

So, none of the FEZ Hydra UART has handshaking capabilities. When will this be available?

Is it possible to program the handshaking functionality (not via firmware). Do you have any sample handshaking codes?


Iā€™m sure this would require firmware changes. The firmware is open, so it could be done by the community if needed; whether anyone needs it beyond you is not something I can answer.