UART Flow Control

I am using a Xbee Wifi Module on the Fez Cerbuino Bee, and I want to implement the flow control features. I haven’t seen in the documentation how to do RTS and CTS flow control for a SerialPort class.

I am using the device in API mode (not transparent mode). When I send “AS” (Active Scan), I am supposed to get back multiple API Frames as a response. I am however getting only 1 frame back. The frame that comes back gives the first WIFI Access Point in my area. My desktop detects 17 networks, so I know I expect between 5 to 17 frames to come back.

After working on this for 2 days, I figured that the reason must be due to the fact that the Fez is not asserting CTS. If so then how do I assert CTS automatically from the framework? Is there a way to let the low level system.

In the STM32F405RG data sheet is says on page 31:

So I was assuming that the functionally was there somewhere.

The com port that I am using is COM1.

Check out the following SerialPort property for flow control: