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UART Connect shield for FEZ Domino


Dear All,

I need to create connection between FEZ Domino and PC through serial interface (UART). However I cannot find any shield that provides UART connection between FEZ Domino and PC. The only field I have now is the FEZ Connect shield that provide Ethernet connection. Any shiled that enables FEZ Dominio to receive data through UART interface is also ok for me.

Does anyone know any field that I can use in my work?

Thanks a lo in advance!

Best wishes,



Yanlin, what about using USB and just use CDC mode that the Fez gives you?


Hi Brett,

I found a RS232 shield through your link you provide. Do you know if the RS232 shield for Arduino is available for FEZ Domino?

Thanks a lot,

best wishes,



An Arduino RS-232 shield will work on a Domino.


Yes. I checked the schematic. It is matched with Domino. I realized that FEZ Domino is Arduino inspired, so most of Arduino shields are available for Domino.

Thanks a lot for all your help!

best wishes,