uALFAT and big files

Good evening, I bought some ualfat modules last year and intend to use to them on a project now. However, I just ran into a big problem:

             whenever I try to read a file that is more than 1kbyte long, ualfat starts to get lost. It starts reading the bytes wrongly after the 1046th approximately. is this a common issue?? I really need thoughts. It really seems like a messed up stack pointer in the firmware..

             I believe I'm doing everything else right, since I can read the first 1k data...

             If someone could share a piece of actual code where ualfat reads data from SPI I'd appreciate. 

thank you,
Saul Andrade

Hi Saul,

Welcome to the forum.
I doubt you will find much help here, since this forum is USBizi oriented. I would write to GHI directly or switch to one of the TinyCLR devices ;D.


Thank you guys, already did.