Two different displays on a single LCD!

This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. These guys are exploiting the fact that the apparent color/brightness of a TN type LCD screen changes depending on viewing angle and are able to display two different images based on viewing angle. It is sort of like the simple printed holograms where what you see changes as you tilt the object it is printed on.

that is nice,
i love it when someone makes a useful think out of side effects…

That is creative!

That’s awesome. I really like the application to video games. I hate having to divide the screen up for multiple players and the other players being able to see my point of view.

Creative indeed, but both viewers need to watch the screen in a ‘bad contrast’ zone :slight_smile:

I think it would be better to have some sort of filter that you put in front of the screen which shows the odd lines to one side and the even lines to the other (similar techniques have been used for 3D screens).

I think they at least partially overcame ‘poor contrast’ problem because they altered the images being displayed (i.e. colors, brightness) to show up correctly at the viewing angle or each viewer. A ‘normal’ display is painted such that things look correct when you are viewing perpendicular to the screen.

It’s called: Lenticular Lens.