Twitter and Gadgeteer - Which Hashtag to establish?

Just had some tweets about the Black Friday sales and one user used the #Gadgeteer hashtag.

After searching Twitter, I realized that the hashtag isn’t very popular. I will use the hashtag now in the future for every tweet I post on Twitter.

What do you think? Or should we use a combination of two tags like #GHI #Gadgeteer or

#netmf #Gadgeteer, or #GHElectronics #Gadgeteer ?

Not sure about the combinations.

I think a constant use will help to spread the message about the #Gadgeteers out there in the wild and will help to bring them together on Twitter.

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@ AWSOMEDEVSIGNER tip of the hat to you as you are doing some worthy cool stuff.

I’ve been using the #Gadgeteer hashtag and frankly I’m thinking of using #BetterThenSex or pretty much anything else I can use to help spread the word about Gadgeteer.

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@ Duke Nukem Thanks :slight_smile: I I received a lot of help from you guys here on the community. Want to give back and help to spread the word about Gadgeteer. Unfortunately the screenshot is too small. I used a free tool called Tweetchup:
to search for the #Gadgeteer hashtag, you can try it on your own. It will deliver the required information’s.

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Yes, I am following this account for quite a while. Are you managing this account? They are tweeting a lot about IoT related stuff in conjunction with Azure. It’s big data related.

That’s a good point. How many of us are on Twitter actually? Maybe connect and build a Gadgeteer network on Twitter? My Twitter is the same as the username here:

Just drop me a Tweet like:

Connect #Gadgeteer

and I follow :slight_smile:

In case you aren’t aware, I try to send all current Gadgeteer news out on Twitter as @ Gadeteerin. Feel free to shoot me over anything you think it’s new and relevant and I’ll RT.


Located and followed :smiley:

Hey, placed a tweet from my C64 (emulator) so it can’t be that hard … :whistle:

I saw it.

Yeah, I’m a little bit out of practise … for what, 25 years, man, I’m getting older … :snooty:

Used to think my C64 was the biz. Just a shame it was way harder to code than my ZX Spectrum :wall:

It wasn’t that hard, we had this cartrigde in the memory expansion slot, we just had to press a little white button and all execution on the running program on the C64 stopped so we could monitor pretty much anything … I still remember the cartridge code was kind of injected into mem place 49152. We were in the machine code phase at that moment … analysing the play routines from Rob Hubbard etc…

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