Trying to update TinyBooter

!I bought a FEZ Spider about a year ago and, due to lack of time, hadn’t a chance to do much until today. I downloaded all sdk and stuff, but when deploying my application I get a mismatch assembly error (or missing assemly).

I went on updating the firmware (currrently on the board but it seems that I first need to update my TinyBooter ( to the latest version inclided in the SDK ( according to the release note). I downloaded the Tera Term sofware, except that my computer don’t have any com port, so I don’t know how to proceed.

Can someone help me ?

There may be some confusion from the documentation due to the use of “COM port”. Even though many modern computers no longer have “COM ports,” the term is still highly used because the operating system has the ability (via drivers) to treat devices attached to USB ports as COM port based devices. So, in the case of the Spider, when you follow the instructions to plug your device in, just plug-in the USB cable.